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Bring 'Em In For A Landing...

We have seen some pretty outstanding social media campaigns out there but they fall flat before coming full-cycle. They generate interest but come up short of ACTION. Don't spend days or weeks coming up with the best social media campaigns only to leave out the most important part - the call to action! [CTA]

One of the most effective components of a social media campaign is the landing page. Do not confuse the Home Page of your website, or any page on your website for that matter, with a landing page. A landing page is a page that is not publicly visible when a visitor goes to your webpage. Instead, it is a specifically designed [hidden] webpage pertinent to the content of your social media campaign.

A campaign landing page must have, at minimum, a headline, an offer, and a conversion goal / CTA (call to action).

The average attention span is 8:25 seconds (Statistic Brain) so your landing page must be focused with no distractions.

A CTA can be any of the following:

  • Download Now - provide collateral/information that can be downloaded once a site visitor has registered with their email and/or contact information.

  • A Special Offer - perhaps you are offering a special for a product or service that is targeting new clients/customers. As in the example above, you'll want visitors to provide contact information in return for the resource/content you are providing.

  • Event Promotion - landing pages are a great way to get information out about an upcoming event. You may want to have a site visitor register for attendance or perhaps it is just a means to have a visitor download an agenda.

Whichever CTA best fits your campaign you also want to be sure you are using strong, clear words spelling out exactly what a visitor is to do. Words such as:

  • Download Now

  • Sign Up

  • Join

  • Register

  • Subscribe

  • Shop Now

  • Support

Crafting a superb landing page is much more involved than the simple recipe above. Much planning goes into the timing of when you want to deploy the landing page in your campaign, and what you want the end result to be. Need some assistance in creating a well-designed landing page? Call us, we can help!


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