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It Literally IS Who You Know! Make The Connection

For decades, businesses, salespeople, and marketers have relied on their sphere of influence to expand their network and grow their businesses. Sphere of influence refers to the people in our lives that we can influence and those that can influence us. These people are our friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and anyone else that we have a relationship with.

Influencers are friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and ANYONE else that we have a relationship with.

With the rise of social media and the emergence of celebrity influencers, the term "influencer" has taken on a whole new meaning. Nowadays, people often associate the term "influencer" with celebrities and social media stars who have millions of followers.

However, it's important to remember that influencers are not just limited to celebrities. In fact, everyone has a sphere of influence. This includes people who engage with your content, share your message, and help amplify your brand.

Influencers can be anyone from a loyal customer who regularly promotes your brand on social media to a micro-influencer who has a few thousand followers but a highly engaged audience. These people have the power to influence the decisions of others and help spread your message to a wider audience.

Loyal customers and micro-influencers have the power to influence and spread your message!

The term "influencer" actually comes from the old concept of sphere of influence, which has been used in business and marketing for decades. The idea is that everyone has a circle of influence that they can tap into for networking and business purposes.

In the digital age, social media has expanded our sphere of influence exponentially. With the click of a button, we can connect with people from all over the world and share our message with a global audience.

So, don't be fooled by the celebrity influencer hype. Remember that everyone has the power to be an influencer in their own right. By focusing on building relationships with your audience and engaging with them regularly, you can expand your sphere of influence and build a loyal community of brand advocates.

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