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Out With The Old and In With The Old? Wait, what?

When you plan your content strategy you need to remember that each piece of content is not necessarily right for every platform. What works for Facebook may not be your best choice for Instagram. And....

In addition to restructuring content for various social media platforms, you should also follow a rule of thumb that 75% - 80% of your content be “evergreen”. That means that content posted 3 years ago, provided your company remained the same, should be just as relevant today as then. The content can and should be updated but the core of it will still be relevant.

Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and repurpose vintage posts - think EVERGREEN during every strategy session with your team. And, we're not talking Ed Sheeran.....

Some things to keep in mind when it comes to your content strategy for the various social media platforms:

  • Twitter – Twitter is very fast-paced so you want to get as much as possible out of the characters permitted to make a statement and grab attention. Yes, you can create Twitter threads but if you plan wisely, you can make a huge impact in just one tweet. Live Polls are great for Twitter and encourage engagement. Just remember to acknowledge the Twitter users that participate in the poll and post the results for all to see in a follow-up tweet.

  • Instagram – If you haven’t yet jumped on board with Instagram Stories (why not?) you should consider turning your content into an infographic. By moving much of the important content into a graphic you grab the follower’s attention and encourage them to read the full post and ultimately engage. An idea for an infographic might be a condensed version of an eBook or white paper you have available on your website. Turn the highlights of the eBook or white paper into an infographic and encourage followers to visit your website for the full document. Even better? Design a landing page for the specific eBook or white paper and have visitors provide names and email for download. Lead generation at its finest.

Lead generation? Yes, Please!
  • Facebook - Graphics and short videos do wonders on Facebook. However, with the ever-changing algorithms, it’s hard to know which will work best from week to week. We can say that if you MANUALLY upload a video instead of linking to an external source you will get a better audience content reach. We don’t make the rules – we just do our best to navigate them.

  • TikTok – Even if you don’t have the resources to try your hand at the latest TikTok viral craze, you can still utilize this social media platform for your business. Other than advertising on TikTok you do want to create your own content. Really strategize the “vibe” of your business and brainstorm creative ways to convey your brand. Have fun but be sure to stay relevant and on point.

  • LinkedIn – By nature, LinkedIn is a business platform. If your company is more of a B2B entity LinkedIn may be an ideal place for you! But don’t think LinkedIn is an all-out avenue to “sell” your business services or product. You’ll want to provide meaningful content for your LinkedIn followers. What solution does your company/product provide? What are the benefits? Do you have testimonials that you can share? And first and foremost, don’t lurk! Participate in the conversations – build those relationships!

Creating social media content that stands the test of time is a rock-solid strategy and one that you should keep foremost in your mind during every strategy session with your team. Always take the time to look back.....what has worked in the past? What did you learn from it? How can you give the content new life? It can be done - you just have to work at it.


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