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Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Can you believe that there are still some people out there that question the importance of Social Media? We know! We had to pick our jaw up off the floor as well. :).

It is true though that some of our clients in their pre-client phase didn't think being active on Social Media was important, "But, our customers don't use social media. Our customers don't use the internet. Our customers don't do searches."

While you may think you know your customers and their habits we are here to help you understand that just may not be true. And, even if it is, there are plenty of reasons to be engaged and active on Social Media.

While you may think you know your customers and their habits we are here to help you understand that just may not be true.

Social Media is much more that catching up on the latest gossip or stalking the ex. Social Media is about:

1. Brand Awareness - By utilizing Social Media you are strengthening your brand awareness. Brand recognition is only achieved through Brand Awareness. By sharing engaging content online you broaden your potential pool of customers and also increase your word of mouth referral potential.

2. Building Business Relationships - B2B relationships are key to your online presence. Is there another business in your sphere of influence that you rely on or share customers? Tagging and mentioning them helps to build trust and credibility. It also broadens your social (potential customer) reach.

3. Become a Trusted Advisor - Posting how-to's, instructional videos, maintenance reminders, customer testimonials and the like builds your credibility as a trusted advisor. Trust us, word spreads quickly both online and offline when you are viewed as an expert in your field.

Every post builds credibility.

Each time you post on a Social Media platform you are increasing your social reach and potential customers. Every post builds credibility. Even if your customers aren't on Social Media (gasp!) the offline reach of Social Media is undeniable.

If you need help with your online presence just let us know! We can craft a custom Social Media Management program that is just right for your business and will fit within your budget.

We're a funky bunch and we are unapologetic announcing it! We encourage YOU to follow US on Social Media to get to know us. We'd love to meet you, hear your story and help you tell it best.


The Crew at ToDN

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