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You Need A Little Digital Diversity In Your Life

Digital Marketing isn't new and it will never go away. Quite the opposite, actually! More companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets as well as hiring more staff, whether in-house or outsourced to ramp up their digital presence.

Digital Marketing isn't new and it will never go away.

But, what exactly does digital marketing include? You can't focus on "just one thing" like social media or SEO and expect to meet all of your digital marketing needs. You need #DigitalDiversity!

Digital Marketing is synergistic - it takes all parts to make a whole. At least a successful whole. So, ask yourself? Are your digitally diverse? Are you paying attention to all the parts?

Social Media is most likely one aspect of digital marketing that you are familiar with. But even within the social media playing field new platforms crop every day and the algorithms of the ones you may be comfortable with are constantly changing. Also, posting to personal accounts is much, much different than posting for your business account. #SocialMediaMarketing is a broad spectrum that requires specialized attention to each platform.

SEO (search engine optimization) changes faster than you can blink your eyes! It takes in-depth knowledge and constant education to keep abreast of the changes and updates. Keyword or phrases that may have been sufficient yesterday are no longer relevant. Are you creating quality content that will attract customers and clients? Are you keeping the content fresh?

PPC (pay per click) is another beast of a component to digital marketing. If done correctly it can be a very cost effective way of driving traffic to your website. With the proper research you can create some pretty targeted ads and you only pay when the ad is clicked on.

Website design is crucial! Your website has to be laid out in a way that encourages your visitors to continue on through several pages. If you have a high bounce rate then you should realize that there needs to be some tweaking and thought for your #website architecture as well as the content. You also need to think about load speed and easy navigation. Remember, your home page is your visitors first impression - make it count!

Digital marketing isn't just one thing. It is all of them combined and, when done right, will produce tremendous results.

Content strategy is key in meeting your customers expectations and answering their questions. Does your content align with your company vision and goals? Does it answer your clients and customers questions? Do you have CTAs (call to action)? Crafting quality content will bolster your website in rankings and get your found with the right audience. #ContentStrategy takes a lot of thought to be sure you are hitting all the key elements within your #marketingplan.

Email marketing is valuable in keeping current clients and customers informed. You want to be sure that you are consistently reaching out to your client or customer base keeping them informed of what's new with your company or specials and promotions. #EmailMarketing is also great for anticipatory marketing - what's next in your client or customers journey? Is there an opportunity for upselling? Repeat business?

Analytics, analytics, and, oh yeah, ANALYTICS! If you're not taking a deep dive on your

analytics you'll never be able to track your ROI. How will you know what works or what doesn't? Studying your analytics over time will help you create better content and more effective ads.

So, you see, digital marketing isn't just one thing. It is all of them combined and, when done right, will produce tremendous results. Those results are what YOU define. Engagement? Repeat business? Revenue to the bottom line? Brand recognition? Let us guess - you want it ALL!

If you are looking for digital marketing team that will get to know you, your business and help your find your voice then you should give us a call. We can show you the path to #DigitalNirvana!


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